"Spirit of Roscoe" Legends & Lantern Tour October 18 & 19, 2019


Friday, Oct 18 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Those who lived here 100 or 200 years ago are just as important as the buildings themselves. Why shouldn't we have a "spirited" village, no town is anything without its people.

Join us in the center of what was once Caldersburg and then renamed Roscoe, a town that dates back to 1816.  We are very proud that our "visitors" remain to watch over the Roscoe they loved. The business owners, tradesmen, shopkeepers, tavern-keepers; they nudge us, they tease us, and they remind us to continue sharing their stories to the visitors who come here today.

The "Spirit of Roscoe" Legends & Lantern Tour* is available at 7:00pm on October 18 & 19.  Reservations are recommended.

$15 Adults - NON MEMBERS

*$12 Adults - RVF MEMBERS     

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