Café at Medbery

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Cafe at Medbery in Roscoe

The Town Square in Historic Roscoe VillageCafé at Medbery

403 Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812
(740) 291-8000


The History of the Roscoe Hotel - c.1856

Medbery Marketplace in Historic Roscoe Village

This canal era hotel was built by Arnold Medbery to replace the earlier, wood-framed hotel (built c. 1832) that burned.  The hotel was a stagecoach stop and thought to been used on the Underground Railroad.  It had businesses on the ground floor and sleeping rooms above, as well as a ballroom on the 3rd floor.

Today, housed in the back of this historical building, is Café at Medbery. A gourmet deli, Medbery Marketplace, is in the front. This is a great spot for lunch or an afternoon snack.  Be sure to try their delicious Velvet Ice Cream!



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